Pickle slicer

A husband went home after working at his job in a restaurant. His wife noticed he seemed a little bit aggravated so she asked him what was wrong. After some coaxing, he finally told her that he had been having an urge to put his dick in the pickle slicer at work. His wife was astonished and told him he should really do something about that. An urge like that could not be healthy at all. He said that he would and they left it at that.

A week later, the husband came home smiling and completely happy. His wife asked him what had happened that had put him in such a good mood. He said, “I finally did it! I put my dick in the pickle slicer.”

The wife asked, “Well, what happened?”

Husband: “Oh, well I was fired.”

Wife: “I mean, what happened with the pickle slicer?”

Husband: “Oh, she got fired too!”

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